Bush Survival & Awareness Programs

 NATURE 1  - 15th – 19th NOVEMBER, 2017

Transform your connection to the earth by joining NATURE 1, Nature Philosophy's core survival skills program.

NATURE 1 is a wild bush skills adventure which will rock your world by introducing you to the magic of survival skills & deep nature connection.

All the skills you learn will keep you alive in the wilderness and radically enliven your camping adventures.

In a warm group setting our skilled instructor team will share a broad range of in-depth survival wisdom & nature connection activities.

NATURE 1 is always a huge amount of fun. The program is packed full of direct experiences with many survival & awareness skills, all of which you can take home and master.

Hand Drill Fire at Nature One

Dan blowing up a Tinder Bundle (top pic) & Learning 

Hand Drill with Kate (bottom pic) at Nature 1

NATURE 1 take home skills:

• Shelter Construction
• Water Purification
• Hand Drill Primitive Fire
• Bird Language & Nature Observation
• Silence Meditations
•.Survival Awareness & Movement
• Animal Tracking & Hunting
• Bush Foods & Primitive Cooking
• Basketry & String Making

Nature Philosophy has a deep respect for indigenous culture. We believe survival skills courses are only complete when woven together with local indigenous wisdom. During NATURE 1 we are very fortunate as local Gumbaynggirr Elder Mark Flanders joins us to share stories about local Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal culture and yarn about traditional bush foods.

Mark Flanders Sharing Story

NATURE PHILOSOPHY INSTRUCTORS - Sam Robertson, Kate Rydge and JJ Bruce, all have extensive experience with bush survival skills and are passionate presenters.

Sam, Kate & JJ have all spent considerable time learning from Australian Aboriginal communities and American survival skills experts. Sam, Kate & JJ have been teaching groups for over a decade and have each dedicated their lives to fostering deep nature connection in Australia.

Coastal Harvest Feb 2015

 A Coastal Bush Food harvest from our Nature One program in February 2015 

Cost: $600 (4 days includes camping accommodation, all food and course tuition/materials). To book your place in Nature 1 send in your Booking Form and we will be in touch with an Equipment List and Venue Directions.




NATURE 2 deepens your understanding and skills in bush survival, indigenous awareness and earth based philosophy. As a group we will build a long term shelter and start to move through our days as a tribe responding to the rythms of the natural world.

We will cover a range of new hands on skills, dive more deeply into body movement and start to explore the use of wandering and silence as a powerful avenue for deep nature connection. 

Some of the specific skills covered include:

•            Advanced Shelter Construction,
•            Advanced Hand Drill skills, Bow Drill Fire technique,
•            Sit spots, bird language & nature observation,

•            Making Natural Cordage and weaving string bags
•            Coil Weaving a Usable Survival Back Pack

•            Animal Tracking & Hunting Skills
•            Optional 3 Day Survival Treck

•            Advanced Awareness & Movement Skills

•            Hands on Bush Food harvesting and primitive cooking

Camouflage & Movement

Camouflage & Movement

Cost: $1,200 (12 day program - includes camping accommodation, all food and course tuition/materials).

Venue: Glenreagh, NSW

The Nature 2 program offers a powerful personal transformation in a fun and supportive tribe environment. We would love to hear from you if you feel called to join us!

To find out more email Dan at info@naturephilosophy.com.au


I loved it, it was a practical and spiritual learning. It has changed my life, my way of thinking…” Michelle Soo, Wellbeing Therapist

 “I felt like there were all these instincts and senses waking up that I had never known existed…” Andrew Walker-Morison, Architect

 “During these few days, life seemed to slow down, connections were deeply felt and challenges were resolved in a most natural and tribal way. I was unaware just how profound and transformational this time in the bush would be.”  Libby Perkins, Writer


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