WILD AWARENESS has been the natural ecstacy of the ages, with many a shaman and earth based mystic questing for its wild sourced power and gifts. Many alive today have forgotten their capacity to walk intentionally within this powerful world.

Is Wild Awareness calling you?

"In WILD AWARENESS we embody our personal awareness with instinctual receptivity. Once safe within our openness and sensitivity we can then journey - beyond the limitations and beliefs of the modern world towards the eternal. Immersed in this new world we glimpse the power of our human capacity and begin to quest for this power..." Kate Rydge

 More than ever we live in a time where awareness itself is waking up and calling to each of us. Calling us to embrace the unknown, to embrace our fear of power and once again claim the birthrite of human awareness.

This is the first time I have been moved to publicly offer this material and perhaps the first time I have come to understand ways which I can share this wisdom. The nature and power of the WILD AWARENESS material is very hard to describe. However we will travel far beyond the introductory awareness experiences we cover in other programs.

As a whole the WILD AWARE 6 Week On-Line Call Series will focus on growing your capacity with awareness through direct experiences of energy receptivity, concentric rings and silence.

Each week our group will consider a new element of WILD AWARENESS and through this element play in the world. Each of us weaving a deeper and more alive relationship with the source of human perception.

Program Details: The Call Series is open to both men and women, 21yrs and above. Maximum group size is 10 participants. There will be key concept talks, personal homework and fun partner exercises to complete in between calls. Also regular time will be dedicated to group discussion and Q&A.

Your Commitment: The strength of our group will be dependent on each of us showing up for every call, so please join us if you are ready to make a regular commitment and can guarantee to be on the calls.
Regular Call Time and Dates: 6PM - 7.30pm on the 4th MAY, 11th MAY, 18th MAY, 25th MAY, 1st JUNE, 8th JUNE 2017
Investment: One upfront payment of $330 per person ($55 per call). Includes 6 x 1.5 hr group call series, recordings of every call, regular support via email during the program and 20% discount on Personal Mentoring Sessions if required.

BOOKING FORMS available via email ... kate@naturephilosophy.com.au

Mobile - 0434 532 131

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