KATE RYDGE - Mentoring Programs & Sessions

Personal Mentoring supports the transformation of stuck, painful and difficult life experiences into flow and aliveness.

Together we can enhance your life with wild sourced wisdom, deep nature connection practises and a genuine acceptance of your true self. 

I offer One on One Sessions and 3 - 6 Mth Mentoring Programs which are specifically tailored to meet your unique needs.

I invite you to be in touch.

To find out more or to book a 20 min EXPLORATION Skype call please email me at kate@naturephilosophy.com.au

In connection, Kate

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." Rumi

 Kate Rydge


  • Emotional Flow & Wholeness
  • Personal Rightness & Strength
  • Inner Stillness & Deep Nature Connection

Sesssions with me are heart felt and deeply respectful explorations of what is happening in life as you perceive it. As we explore your perception through embodied experience we clarify and transform your life's challenges into unique pathways for personal growth.

Releasing frozen experiences held deep in your body's memory will allow you to reclaim previously disowned parts of your being. This process of release will also trigger greater parts of your authentic self to be revealed - allowing you to access a powerful sense of internal stillness, wholeness and potency.

Mentoring Programs suit individuals who are prepared to genuinely feel into their personal wounding and through this healing process allow a greater part of their essence to emerge.

Mentoring for 3 or 6 months is particularly helpful if you find yourself stuck in unconscious patterns which block your capacity to experience purposeful action, safety, creativity and love.  

Through the use of specific awareness and healing techniques your capacity to cultivate a meaningful and enriching life journey will once again be ignited. The deep reservior of inner stillness is reawakened and your unique reservoir of known wisdom once more becomes aparent. 

In each session your direct body connection to your personal rightness will be empowered as an undeniable eternal anchor.

If needed we can further dive into deeper initiation in the powerful mysteries of deep nature connection and awareness.


I am available for one off sessions, Personal Intensives and 3 - 6 month Mentoring Programs.

I am available to connect via Phone/Skype or in person if possible (Coffs Harbour, NSW and occasionally Sydney, Australia). I work predominently with women and offer culturally sensitive sessions for indigenous Australians and LGBT community members.

During the last 15 years I have worked extensively with people experiencing the following issues:

Low Mood, Depression & Anxiety, Suicide Trauma, Addiction, Childhood Trauma via sexual, verbal and physical abuse, Life Instability, Grief & Loss, Excessive Fear of the dark and being alone in the wilderness, Body Image Dissatisfaction, Lack of Clarity and Purpose, Unclear Connection to your Place/Country, Crisis and Major Life Transitions, Relationship Issues and Adolescent/Parenting Issues.


As the Co-Founder of Nature Philosophy Australia I specialise in offering transformational healing programs through deep nature connection practises. I can partner with you to shift deeply held blocks and cultivate a deeper relationship to the earth and your spiritual essence.

I am a Professional Counsellor, Energetic Healer, Vision Quest Protector/Trainer and facilitator of Women's Retreats and Deep Nature Connection Programs. I have undertaken both formal and informal shamanic training in indigenous healing lineages.

I have worked in the healing profession for over 15 years and through embracing my own struggles and personal power I have developed a keen love of helping others to find greater grace and wholeness in life.

I deeply understand how distressing life can be when we feel stuck in emotional pain and are unable to flow with our personal power. I often use the mirror of the natural world to make clear areas where we are blocked and with awareness cultivate greater spiritual wholeness and power.

The fire of my own journey has lead me into many deep immersion experiences within the wilderness. I have found a deep reservoir of earth based wisdom through many personal Vision Quests, the journey of motherhood, indigenous connections and nature based skills.

It is my life's mission to offer this wild sourced wisdom - bringing greater ease, earth connection, spiritual awareness and personal freedom into your daily life.

To talk further feel free to email me so we can set up an initial 20 min Skype chat.

Email: kate@naturephilosophy.com.au



SESSIONS:  AUS $150/HR - $110/HR Sliding scale. $95/HR Concession Rate available for Pension Card holders and if you are unemployed.


3 & 6 MTH MENTORING PROGRAMS: AUS $110/HR with fortnightly calls and email connection for ongoing support.

Total Payment for 3 MONTH MENTORING PROGRAM: AUS $660 (Upfront payment attracts 5% reduction, Total = $627)

Total Payment 6 MONTH MENTORING PROGRAM: AUS $1,320 (Upfront payment attracts 5% reduction, Total = $1,245)



Vision Quest Mentoring addresses the challenge of transferring the mystical and unbounded wisdom of Quest into concrete conscious movement upon the earth.

Whether you are participating in a Nature Philosophy Vision Quest or sitting in the bush solo I can help you to distil the potency of your Vision Quest experience.

Vision Quest Mentoring Sessions are based on meeting you at your greatest point of need as you digest the integration of a larger part of your unique essence.  I welcome the opportunity to both witness, guide and protect you through the transformation of your Vision Quest experience.


To talk further about the Vision Quest Mentoring or the 3 & 6 Month Mentoring Programs feel free to email me so we can set up an initial 20 min Skype chat.

Email: kate@naturephilosophy.com.au


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