Greetings, Kate and Sam here from the Nature Philosophy team. We are excited to announce that our mentor & dear friend Malcolm Ringwalt has finally come to Australia to run two profound programs - The 7 Levels of Quest and Vision Quest Protector Training. Both programs are based on indigenous quest practices and teachings passed down from Stalking Wolf, a Lipan Apache elder and Shaman, through Tom Brown Jr.

We have been working with Malcolm for 12 years and are now qualified to lead participants in both programs. This means  if you have completed a Vision Quest within this lineage you can now train to become a Vision Quest Protector in Australia.

Vision Quest Protector Training: TBC

Venue: Glenreagh, NSW   Cost: $1,200 for 10 day program, includes all food, camping accommodation & tuition.

 The 7 Levels of Quest program compliments this training. Each 7 quests are their own unique pathway of transformation which brings the wisdom of Vision Quest into our day to day lives.

If you feel called to become a Quest Protector or to dive into the depths of the 7 Levels program please be in touch.

Kate 0434 532 131,

7 Levels of Quest: Dates to be confirmed.

“If you hold to the deepest truth that lives in your heart, ignoring the mad dash towards the superficial and the self-centered all around you, you will be like the lighthouse in a storm, perhaps ignored by the ships heading for disaster, but, nonetheless, standing tall and untouched by the gathering storm. We cannot escape being the witness of this storm, but we don’t have to drown in it.”

“The best way to navigate through apparent chaos is to nurture and build the essential silence of Oneness. Oneness is the absolute truth of existence and the truth of your Self. Actually, as you work with it experiencing it more fully, you discover that your own stable and solid connection to Oneness is the only safety that can be known, as it is the only thing that is real.”

“In moments of absolute stillness, you are touched by the sacred and timeless truth - you realize your divine union with God... That is the remarkable gift, the “Grand Vision”, that is the ultimate Truth of life that lies hidden behind all our ideas of what life is, our stories, judgments, beliefs, assumptions, wounds, fears, and angers. All these latter elements are merely the surface static that stands between our self and our true Unity.”  

To find out more about both of these life changing programs feel free to email or call. We would love to hear from you all and are so excited to be of support in growing the wisdom of the Vision Quest here in Australia.


Nature Philosophy